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What is Flipbook?

Flipbook is a 3D format of an electronic book that you can create with just one simple step: upload your pdf, done!

Why Flipbook?

Flipbook makes it easy to share and market your printable media online and offers an engaging user experience.

How to use flipbook

Flipbook provides an online PDF to eBook conversion services. It works on the internet and allows you to create Flipbook (3D eBook) through the website (www.flipbooksoft.com) via web browsers. Please learn more about using flipbook from the given below links.

  • The steps for registration
  • The steps for creating Flipbook (3D eBook) on www.flipbooksoft.com
  • How to use Flipbook and its tool
  • How to create a bookmark and put your note on Flipbook
  • Sharing your Flipbook on social network site
  • Displaying Flipbook on your webpage (Embedded function)
  • Specification of PDF file for creating Flipbook
  • Modifying your webpage on www.flipbooksoft.com

What is the strong point of Flipbook?

It saves saves cost for distributing printable media, also it makes it easy to distribute it to gain a bigger audience.

What is the weakness of Flipbook?

It is not as suitable for text books but more appropiate for borchures and magazines.

Type of Flipbook

We offer a free and commercial version of flipbook, conversion is free but if you want to download it to use it on your own site you will need to purchase it.Once you purchase your book you will also receive extra functionality compare all features.

How to test Flipbook?

Upload and try any pdf of max 30 mb for free without any payments or conditions. Try it now!


You can purchase your book through paypal, your book will be available immediately after purchase.